Expert Salesforce program and project delivery

Ensure seamless project delivery through a structured yet agile approach, leveraging deep expertise and experience to deliver timely and successful Salesforce implementations that align with your business goals.

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Project Delivery

Big or small, your project is in great hands

Skie has delivered over 150 end-to-end Salesforce projects spanning various industries, business sizes and geographies. We’re experts at adapting our knowledge and experience to your business needs to deliver bold, impactful Salesforce solutions. We employ an iterative agile delivery approach to ensure project fluidity while maintaining structure and governance.

Our Process

Skie's delivery framework ensures a plan-driven vision with adaptive execution.

Project Readiness

Ensure your business has the best project experience and outcomes with our project readiness phase. Align stakeholders, get data and artifacts ready, make resources available; these are all crucial elements that must be considered and actioned before Discovery to drive project success.


We call the design phase of our projects, Discovery. While we are designing the system and defining functional elements, this is also a mutual collaboration and discovery on your business and processes. Through a deep understanding of your business we can truly transform the way it runs on Salesforce.


This is where the magic happens! Your solution is being built out in bite sized chunks. You’ll be testing and getting to know your solution during each sprint to build up your knowledge, understanding and comfort of your Salesforce.

Go Live

It’s finally time to launch your solution! We employ a process of Hardening and Hypercare to make sure your business has a smooth go-live. Hardening is focused on the UX and road-testing of your solution. Deployment and Hypercare are focused on immediate, real-time support for those first critical days or weeks.

Why choose us

Leading businesses on their Salesforce journey

As a complete platform partner, Skie specialises in and holds certifications across all key Salesforce clouds and products to deliver exceptional solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple Sales Cloud or Service Cloud solution to start your Salesforce journey or you’re seeking a complete digital transformation leveraging core CRM, connected portals with marketing automation and sophisticated integration to other business systems, Skie has the experience to lead you on your journey.

Servicing the Australian, New Zealand and Singapore markets, our certified consultants are local, sitting around the corner or right next to you. While we leverage hybrid and remote delivery models, our consultants are seasoned and familiar with working with local customers making collaboration, communication and, ultimately, success easier.

Skie has a combination of offshore and near-shore resources to augment project and manage service delivery for more technical work streams to allow us to pass along commercial benefits to our customers while not compromising the experience, quality and comfort of having onshore resources.

As a proud Pledge 1% member, we offer 1% of our revenue, time and product back to the community. We believe giving back and empowering charities and organisations through our peoples time and knowledge is the best way we can make a difference to our community.

We work with great companies to deliver exceptional outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your sales questions, answered

What regions/markets does Skie service?

Skie operates across the APAC region with a focus on Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. We have customers is the UK, USA, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines and others as well. We have offices across APAC, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Singapore. Speak to our sales team about how we can look after your business in your region.

What Salesforce products does Skie offer services on?

Skie is a true multi-cloud partner that takes a holistic approach to Salesforce and seeing it as a total platform. As such, we're certified and have capability and experience across almost every main product. Of course we work on core CRM products like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, but we also have vast experience in more specialised products like Field Service (FSL or Field Service Lightning), Revenue Cloud (CPQ or Configure Price Quote), B2B Commerce, Salesforce Maps, Inbox and Salesforce Voice. On the Marketing Automation side, we're one of the few APAC partners with experience across the entire available stack, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), Personalisation, Customer Data Platform and Datorama. Finally, to stitch all this technology together we prefer to leverage Mulesoft as a data orchestration and middleware layer. Depending on the use case we turn to Mulesoft AnyPoint or Mulesoft Composer. We also explore other middleware options on a case by case basis.

What industries does Skie have experience with?

Check out our Industries pages to see information on some of the main industries we tend to work in. However, we partner with businesses from almost any industry that have a vision for change and a desire to leverage technology to empower that change.

Is Salesforce the only CRM you work with?

We work with customers moving from MS Dynamics, SugarCRM, Hubspot, Oracle and many other CRM platforms all the time! Oh, wait, you mean do WE work on those platforms? Nope, just Salesforce 😉

How long does a CRM implementation take?

Like anything in tech, it really depends. We stand some customers up with simple requirements in a few weeks. Some in a few months. Others are full transformational programs of work over a year or longer. Speak to our team about your requirements and we'll let you know how we'd tackle your project.