Retail & Consumer Goods

Deliver profitable, predictable growth.

Skie and Salesforce empowers retail & consumer goods companies to bring B2B and B2C data and processes together on a connected, streamlined platform. Salesforce can help you personalise connections, deliver commercial excellence, and work efficiently in the office and out in the field..

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Retail & Consumer Goods on Salesforce.

Unlock insights and boost the bottom line for every SKU and brand.

With Skie and Salesforce you can use consumer goods data to better support field reps, partners, and customers. Create a smarter, seamless customer experience to win brand loyalty and earn new business. We use the tools available in Salesforce to bolster your sales and customer service, letting your team and brand have more meaningful interactions with customers in person and online.

Build lasting customer relationships and scaleable operations with Salesforce & Skie.

Salesforce can help you increase operational agility — and growth — across all areas, from planning to execution. Skie works with all kinds of consumer goods businesses including FMCG and CPG to create innovative and powerful technology solutions. We unlock your teams potential so you can focus on creating the best products and the best brands. Our solutions help by:

  • Creating personalised customer experiences: Build smarter, personalised engagements with AI-powered insights. Offer seamless experiences, relevant messages, and integrated customer support to delight consumers and improve relationships.
  • Integrate the route to market: Grow your business by collaborating with your partners using best-in-class digital tools. Integrate planning and strategic budgeting while optimising field rep efficiency and in-store execution.
  • Collect and use consumer data: Increase brand awareness and relevancy by building target audiences and delivering personalised messages. Measure your marketing return on investment and make your budget work for you.
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Why choose us

Leading businesses on their Salesforce journey

As a complete platform partner, Skie specialises in and holds certifications across all key Salesforce clouds and products to deliver exceptional solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple Sales Cloud or Service Cloud solution to start your Salesforce journey or you’re seeking a complete digital transformation leveraging core CRM, connected portals with marketing automation and sophisticated integration to other business systems, Skie has the experience to lead you on your journey.

Servicing the Australian, New Zealand and Singapore markets, our certified consultants are local, sitting around the corner or right next to you. While we leverage hybrid and remote delivery models, our consultants are seasoned and familiar with working with local customers making collaboration, communication and, ultimately, success easier.

Skie has a combination of offshore and near-shore resources to augment project and manage service delivery for more technical work streams to allow us to pass along commercial benefits to our customers while not compromising the experience, quality and comfort of having onshore resources.

As a proud Pledge 1% member, we offer 1% of our revenue, time and product back to the community. We believe giving back and empowering charities and organisations through our peoples time and knowledge is the best way we can make a difference to our community.