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About AirCall

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Aircall is the phone and communication platform, designed for sales and support teams. It is an entirely cloud-based voice solution, easy to use, reliable and integrated with all CRMs and critical business and conversational tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Intercom, Slack, Gong, and many others. Through a combination of its powerful software and dedicated people, Aircall helps SMBs drive productivity and turn customer and employee satisfaction into key growth drivers. Aircall has expanded its international footprint and currently has over 800 employees from 40 nationalities spread over 8 offices and was named one of Built In’s Best Places to Work. As part of the Deloitte Fast 500 list, Aircall achieved centaur status after securing over $100 million in annual recurring revenue earlier in 2022.

Business phone features built for a better kind of conversation See what’s inside the Aircall phone system

Toll-Free Numbers

Aircall instantly provides toll-free and local numbers for both inbound and outbound calling in 100+ countries.

International Numbers

Establish a reputable global presence without needing physical offices worldwide with Aircall’s cloud-based international phone numbers. Build trust with your international customers and prospects by using local phone numbers in their locations.

Call Conference solution

Hop in and out of conference calls with ease. Invite existing contacts and dial new ones in, anywhere, anytime. Bring together everyone you need to have a successful conversation with Aircall’s call conferencing feature.

Business Hours

Update your availability to reflect seasonal changes, local customs, or individual preferences.


Record, upload, or write the script for a customized message to greet callers when you're away.

Call Routing Software

Build visual call flows in minutes, and automatically connect customers with the most relevant teams and agents.

IVR: Interactive Voice Response

Classify callers according to their needs and automatically route them to the most relevant agent. Set up one or multiple IVRs in minutes, and delight customers with fast and personalized service.


Assign everyone on the team a personalized three-digit extension their colleagues can quickly dial.

Blocklist Numbers

Eliminate spam callers and bots so you can focus more on the conversations your business cares about.

Virtual call center

Your business phone solution, all in one place. Setting up and managing your call center software should be as simple as managing your email.

SMS Business Text Messaging

Send, receive, and manage SMS text messages between you and your contacts for easy and personalized conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your sales questions, answered

What is call center software?

The best call center software pulls together main customer communication channels such as phone, email, web chat and SMS into one consolidated interface that’s equipped with professional call center capabilities.Call center software greatly improves the organization, efficiency and productivity of customer support and sales teams that deal with large numbers of customers. Virtual call center software allows a team to work entirely online and remote without hardware, but also has many advantages for office-based operations.

How does call center software function?

Virtual call center software functions through VoIP technology. With VoIP infrastructure, calls are transmitted over an internet connection to suitable electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and VoIP hard phones.

How can I create a call center?

With fully virtual call center software from Aircall, it’s easy to set up your own professional call center using existing devices and no new hardware. Your second big decision must be whether you want to employ your own staff as call center agents, or an external third-party call center. To fully optimize your call center, make sure your company implements the core call center best practices.

What software do call centers use?

Good call center software provides agents with customer call history and additional context, helps manage an omni-channel approach, or offers an array of useful organizational or timesaving features. Great call center software offers all of these services and more in an all-in-one solution.

What are the benefits of a call center software?

One of the major benefits is the lower installation and operating costs of a professional business phone system. Virtual call center software requires no hardware or IT technicians, it’s simply downloaded from a browser or as a mobile app (or both) and installed on employees’ existing electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops. On-site maintenance is obsolete, since the software is easily upgraded and typically maintained by SaaS partners like Aircall.