We work tirelessly for clients to deliver dependable, bold and impactful Salesforce solutions

How it started

Skie is the convergence of three friends who wanted to create a different kind of Salesforce partner.

Recognising an unwillingness between them to accept the status quo, the bold trio collaborated to dream up a business—one that developed robust and sophisticated Salesforce solutions for their clients with a thriving culture that better aligned to their values. Since our inception in early 2019, Skie has quietly grown to become an APAC industry force to be reckoned with.

Driving forces

Defining Possibility


Skie exists to create a positive impact on our people, our customers and our community while leading businesses on their Salesforce journey. We believe technology is a change enabler that allows us to create, mould and push the boundaries to redefine possibility.


Our people are our greatest asset and are literally our product. We are merely merchants in our peoples collective knowledge and skills. Skie nurtures this precious asset through a culture that embraces learning, takes aim at challenges, fosters fun and always shows up.


Being passionate is a pre-requisite at Skie. Everything we do is intentional, not by half. We are passionate about our solutions, our engagement and our outcomes. We live and breathe Salesforce. We’re all in.


Through our commitment to Skie values we can deliver on our purpose.

Trust, honesty and transparent communication are traits that we carry across all aspects of our business and how we conduct ourselves. We are committed to learning together, showing up as our whole selves, admitting when we’re wrong (or don’t know the answer) and having difficult conversations. Because that’s how we evolve.

We dare to place relationships above profits knowing that it is the former that creates the latter in the end anyhow. We foster strong relationships within the team by celebrating teamwork, collaboration and inclusivity. We develop strong relationships with customers through our ‘can do’ caring attitudes and delivering win-win outcomes.

Anything is achievable with the right people, the right mindset and the right technology. So, approaching any challenge from a position of positivity and with empathy for our customers perspective is our superpower. Don’t just tick boxes, make sure it’s the right box.

We embrace all concepts and challenges, favouring forward-thinking, progressive and resourceful perspectives. It matters less where a problem originated and more what we can do to work through it. Don’t overcomplicate things, stay curious and creative. With head in the clouds and feet firmly on the ground, the Skie is the limit.

Executive Leadership

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