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Working at Skie

What makes life at Skie different?

Joining Skie is starting a journey with like minded people who value curiosity, excellence and fun. You become a part of a team where all voices matter, all ideas are valued and your path is yours to tread. We’re an output-focused organisation where politics and hierarchy is cast aside in favour of creativity and collaboration. We encourage our people to be themselves, embrace their strengths and weaknesses; this is where the good stuff happens.


One Team. Many reasons to choose Skie.

Truly Flexible Working

Work where you want, when you want. We’ve always advocated hybrid work enabled through technology. We preach it to our customers through our solutions so we live it in the way we work at Skie.

Challenging Projects,
 Rewarding Work

We’re not your typical partner. You’ll get your hands on lots of different clouds and be immersed in many different industries. It’s challenging but rewarding work with a supporting team that wants you to succeed.

Own your Growth and Career

Take control of your career in a Fast50 business that’s just getting started. Your next role is just around the corner. We’ve got learning paths and the team to get you there; so stay curious and hungry for the next challenge.

Embrace your Health & Wellbeing

We work ‘in the box’, but we don’t live there. Embrace your health and wellbeing with a fun and outgoing team. Get your birthday off, enter an event like a fun run or triathlon and we’ll pick up the tab.

Feed the Fun

We work hard, but we feed the fun with great social events and celebrate our successes, big and small. And we’ve got a knack for killer Christmas parties…

Always Give Back

We’re privileged to be part of a thriving industry and ecosystem, so giving back is extremely important. Skie is part of Pledge 1%, and we love to see our team give back through team volunteering, personal volunteering and matched charity donations.

Open roles

Are you ready to reach for the Skie?

We’re always looking for exceptional people. Customer-facing, behind the scenes, junior, senior, skilled or just starting; it takes a diverse mixture to create a balanced, high-performing team. See if we’ve got a role for you open right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Careers at Skie

When you say 'truly flexible work', what does that mean?

We tell our customers that with Salesforce they can basically run their business from a beach, so turning around to our team and saying they must be in the office from 9-5 every day seems a bit rich... We let our people work where and when works best for them (within reason, obviously). We are a services business so most of work occurs during our customers business hours to make sure we're available for them. But work from home or work from the office, you choose what suits. We love to collaborate in our gorgeous office spaces and mingle with the team, but sometimes it makes sense to beat the traffic and hammer out work at home. Got a school pick-up or a futsal practice to get to? No problems. We're not clock watching, we're output-watching.

Birthdays off?

Yep, take a paid day off in your birthday month every year. Make a long weekend out of it if you want. Enjoy yourself.

Can I get Salesforce certifications at Skie?

Absolutely, we'll pay for all the shiny Salesforce certifications you want to get. Knock yourself out.

What learning can I do at Skie?

Skie has a comprehensive university-style set of learning paths that map out a learning journey toward a specific Salesforce specialisation. We combine on the job experience with Salesforce certification, soft skill courses and relevant non-Salesforce technical courses and learning to ensure a well-rounded experience.

What volunteering do you do at Skie?

We work towards 4 paid days a year volunteering; 2 team volunteering days and 2 personal volunteering days. Choose a cause that's close or meaning full to you and give your time.
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Everything starts with a conversation

Reach out to us to learn more about Skie and the opportunities we have for you. Even if we don’t have a specific role open today, tomorrow is a different day.