Formstack for Salesforce Integration

About Formstack

The all-in-one form, document, and signature solution native to Salesforce.

Break down data silos, save time, and improve the customer experience with Formstack for Salesforce. Features like dynamically prefilled forms, automated document generation, and streamlined digital signature collection work seamlessly alongside core Salesforce functionality to extend your solutions reach; all without ever leaving your Salesforce org.

Automate and extend data capture, document creation and signatures natively with Formstack for Salesforce

Native Form Builder

Easily collect data and improve the customer experience with forms that can be built directly in Salesforce. No integration needed.

Progressive Data Capture

Connect forms to any standard or custom object, dynamically prefill fields with existing data, and easily verify and update records.

Payment Processing

Integrate your Salesforce forms with PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and iATS to seamlessly collect and process payments.

One-Click Documents

Add a custom Documents button to any Salesforce object to create documents based on individual records with a single click.

Flexible-Rules Engine

Easily create rules that let you route data to multiple documents, add conditional logic, and send completed files to third-party apps.

Multiple Delivery Options

Easily upload documents to the cloud, attach to Salesforce records, or deliver to Formstack Sign for digital signature capture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your sales questions, answered

How much does Formstack cost?

Learn more about Formstack's pricing at or talk to our team about what makes sense for your business and use case.

How hard is it to plug in Formstack into Salesforce?

It's easy to 'install' Formstack for Salesforce. Once up and running many features are simple to use ongoing. We help by embedding and automating parts of Formstack into your Salesforce workflows.

Do I need tech skills to use it?

Nope! It's all drag-and-drop.

Can I embed the forms on my website?

Totally! Grab the embed code and pop it onto your site.


You bet! Forms look good and work well on phones and tablets.

Any limits on responses or forms?

Depends on the plan you pick. Some have unlimited, some have caps.