Mission Control

Mission Contol Salesforce Integration

About Mission Control

Your Salesforce Project Management Control Centre

Mission Control is an online project management software system, native to Salesforce. With a suite of first-class features, it equips businesses with all the tools and processes needed to deliver consistently efficient projects across the board.

Native Salesforce PSA software, packed with useful Project Management Tools & features

The Console

The Mission Control Console provides you with quick launch access to all of the key areas of your project management solution.

Gantt Chart

View projects on the Gantt Chart, getting visibility of all milestones and actions. Manage dependencies, drag and drop to reschedule and view progress.

Project Generation

With just a few simple clicks, you can quickly & easily create a project framework including all of the required key milestone deliverables you need.

Resource Management

Track resources, specify billing & cost rates, assign to Teams & Skills and record Holiday allowances & requests.

Project Financials

Track both Billing and Cost rates, enabling full P&L visibility. Raise invoices for Fixed Price or T&M projects.


Provide project members with ability to log time & track hours across multiple projects on a weekly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your sales questions, answered

How much does Mission Control cost?

Learn more about Mission Control pricing at https://aprika.com/pricing or speak to our team about getting in touch with Mission Control to discuss you use case.

Can I automate project creation?

Yes, there are out-of-the-box features to automate basic project creation. Skie can add more advanced automation and logic to customise processes in your Salesforce alongside standard project generation.

Can I get a Gantt chart?

Yes, Gantt view is standard feature.

Does Mission Control sync to my other systems?

Since Mission Control sits natively within Salesforce, Skie can leverage the Salesforce API's to integrate with external systems. Talk to us about your use case.