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Hawthorn Football Club


Kicking goals with Salesforce

The Hawthorn Football Club is a storied institution of football. The Club boasts an enviable membership base and 13 championship trophies on display in the clubhouse. Engaging with its fans and stakeholders is an important part of the Hawks success and something the organisation wanted to improve on through innovative technology.

Hawthorn came to Skie needing to replace an aging solution that was cumbersome to manage and had limited support. It was apparent that user experience was poor and the system in general was not connected to the rest of the business’ processes or technology. The brief was to add value to the overall fan experience from a marketing perspective and reimagine the corporate hospitality technology stack. The business needed to better manage its events and corporate sales processes in order to drive the commercial operations of the Club.

Placing the customer in the center, full forward and midfield.

Getting a 360 degree view of the customer was critical to the Hawthorn solution. Salesforce’s open API and endless extensibility allowed us to aggregate ticket and membership data with native CRM data to accurately build a complete contact profile. From here, we could tackle each line of business’ unique requirements.

For the corporate hospitality use case, we needed a way to manage complex events, ticketing and branding all while have a deep connection to the sales and sponsorship teams. Our solution turned to the Salesforce ecosystem and the Blackthorn suite of products. Here we had a Salesforce native solution with powerful event management functionality that was perfect for the task at hand. Augmented with process automation, Formstack and a lot of collaboration with the Hawks amazing team, we had a winning combination.

On the marketing automation side, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the crown jewel driving deeper fan engagement through intelligent journeys driven by integrated data.

Project Summary

Delivering dependable, bold and impactful Salesforce solutions

The Challenge

Replace an aging solution and connect multiple streams of business to better engage fans and stakeholders. Legacy CRMs approaching their end of life had become a significant bottleneck for daily operations, especially if the aim is to elevate engagement and service levels for your members and fans.

The Solution

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Blackthorn Events and Payments, Formstack and a lot of Skie configuration to seamlessly weave a scalable solution. Introducing Sales Cloud, combined with Blackthorn Events and Formstack for streamlined events and payments management. Moreover, integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud transforms how you engage, enabling deeper connections with your club’s members and fans.

The Result

The Hawks have a winning solution that delivers marketing automation and branded event and corporate hospitality solutions to drive engagement and experience. With this strategic approach, there was a tangible reduction in administrative tasks by two days per week. Furthermore, overall engagement with fans and members soared, all backed by a consolidated source of data-driven insights, optimizing every interaction and decision.
From the client

Skie went above and beyond with every aspect of the project. Skie are a “can do” business, always able to create a solution no matter how small or large. They have not only developed our platform but taught us in the process so we can be more self sufficient. Would recommend Skie to anyone looking to implement Salesforce!

Sophie Szabo
, Head of Events and Special Projects, Hawthorn Football Club
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