Case Study

AFL Players Association


Australian Football League Players’ Association (AFLPA) is an industry membership organisation for all AFL players. AFLPA provide a number of support services to ensure the wellbeing, and long- term success of its members across a number of important metrics outside of on-field performance.

Skie was introduced to the AFLPA through the work we’d done Hawthorn Football Club. The organisation sought a better way to manage and offer services to its members. It was using a legacy system that didn’t allow the organisation to scale its operations and concentrate on adding value to members rather than simply managing technical support systems.

Project Summary

Streamlining AFLPA's Membership and Communication Processes

The Challenge

The AFLPA provides a variety of support and services to its members as they journey through their playing career and after their time in the league. The organisation had difficulty in streamlining it’s services and having a single view of all interactions with its members. It also had operational inefficiencies in data silos and unconnected systems. Finally, the AFLPA wanted a better way to communicate to its members and extended stakeholders to have more personalised and meaningful conversations.

The Solution

With Salesforce, the membership process was overhauled and streamlined, reducing the dependence on paper applications. A dedicated portal was established to share updates and access services. Salesforce was to Xero through Breadwinner to simplify invoice processes and reduce manual input. Additionally, all this was tied together with marketing Cloud to allow better communication with the membership base.

The Result

The AFLPA has seen a significant reduction in time spent processing player memberships and grant applications. The portal has enhanced communication between AFLPA and its members, leading to fewer follow-up calls and ensuring members are consistently informed, especially during pivotal moments like the Covid-19 pandemic. Improved insights into members’ careers and relationships have led to more strategic decision-making.
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