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Yamaha had a simple vision, to make a template portal and solution to better manage and engage their Piano Care program. From here, the business could look to deliver other experiences for similar programs at scale. Skie worked with the Yamaha team to identify a way to completely take a manual system that heavily relied on spreadsheets and postal mail, to move to an elegant technology solution. We ensured that all stakeholders had access to the right information at the right time, that data was easy to access and that everyone felt like they had a personalised experience.

Yamaha Music Australia is set on making waves in the music industry. The business has some of the world’s most recognisable instruments that demand a superior level of service and engagement from its owners. Part of this engagement is driven through a customer portal driven by Salesforce Community Cloud.

Salesforce allowed us to deliver a beautifully branded portal experience for Yamaha’s customers. The back-end transitioned and managed complicated service requests and vouchers with a streamlined process, allowing operational efficiencies in overall program management.

Integration was a critical component of this solution, as was the expertise of Yamaha’s in-house technology team. Skie partnered with them to make sure our data structure was compatible and allowed for simple integration.

Project Summary

Making Waves with Technology

The Challenge

Move a manual system for Piano servicing and customer engagement with an Australia wide stakeholder group online.

The Solution

Salesforce Community Cloud with integration into the Yamaha core ERP.

The Result

Yamaha now has a beautifully branded Community Cloud portal for its customers and retail partners to access and manage the Piano Care program.
Case Studies

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