Case Study

Night Owl Entertainment


Night Owl Entertainment is a dynamic company that thrives in the stillness of the night, dedicated to crafting unforgettable memories with friends. Pushing the boundaries of traditional hospitality, they design personal, authentic, and fun venues while managing everything from marketing to operations. Their strength lies in their passionate and innovative team. Guided by their mantras, they believe in dreaming big, valuing data over personal biases, encouraging transparent feedback, celebrating every team member’s input, and turning the seemingly impossible into reality.

Project Summary

Night Owl Entertainment's Digital Transformation: From Data Chaos to Tailored Engagement

The Challenge

Night Owl Entertainment was wrestling with disparate customer data, making it hard to form targeted segments or get a clear view of their clientele. They aimed to enhance their customer service across all venues and tap into deeper insights about customer behaviors to drive sales.

The Solution

Salesforce Data Cloud (CDP) came to the rescue, connecting fragmented data and enabling Night Owl to develop precise customer segments and personalized campaigns. Salesforce Service Cloud gave their customer service team a comprehensive view of each customer, speeding up and refining the resolution process. Armed with Salesforce’s suite, Night Owl delved deeper into customer insights, which boosted their sales strategies.

The Result

With data now consolidated in Salesforce Data Cloud (CDP), Night Owl crafts sophisticated marketing campaigns tailored to diverse customer segments. Their customer service has notably improved after integrating Service Cloud, offering a unified and efficient view of contacts. The added bonus? The CDP Viewer custom component and scoring system, helping Night Owl identify their most loyal patrons and unlocking potential sales opportunities.
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