Tailoring Your Salesforce Live Chat for Success

As a Salesforce consultant, I’ve been exposed to some key aspects to turn the customer experience chat into an organized and efficient experience for both the visitor and the agent. Let’s get straight into it: There are 2 key aspects you need to discuss and brainstorm with the stakeholders:   Routing Strategy: Omni-Channel is in […]

5 Vital Skills I’ve Mastered at Skie Solutions

1. Mastering Customer Communication   One of the most enlightening lessons I’ve learned at Skie Solutions is that hard work alone won’t cut it; it’s the ability to effectively communicate with our customers that truly matters. I’ve made it a habit to keep our clients updated regularly, establishing a bond of trust that sets us […]

Salesforce Retiring Profiles: A Guide to Good Practices

Salesforce has announced that it will be retiring permissions on profiles in the Spring ’26 release. This means that all permissions will be managed through permission sets instead. This is a significant change, but it is a good one. Permission sets are more flexible and powerful than profiles, and they can help you to implement […]