5 Vital Skills I’ve Mastered at Skie Solutions

Arthur Backouche
November 9, 2023
2 min read

1. Mastering Customer Communication


One of the most enlightening lessons I’ve learned at Skie Solutions is that hard work alone won’t cut it; it’s the ability to effectively communicate with our customers that truly matters. I’ve made it a habit to keep our clients updated regularly, establishing a bond of trust that sets us apart.


2. Thriving under Work Pressure


In the world of sales and project management, we all encounter intense weeks from time to time. Skie has taught me to embrace pressure, recognizing that it’s transient and often invigorating. Whether it’s the adrenaline rush or the rhythmic ticking of the clock, I find excitement in working under pressure.


3. Agile Mastery with Skie’s Guidance


While I’ve dabbled in Agile and Kanban methods in the past, Skie Solutions has taken my expertise to the next level, thanks to our exceptional project manager, Edwin. I’ve honed my skills in story-writing and defining acceptance criteria, bolstering my confidence to lead delivery projects successfully.


4. Embracing Different Time Zones


At Skie, we cater to a global clientele, serving customers in Europe and the US. Adapting to different time zones has been an enriching experience, leading me to believe in the harmony between work and life, rather than a rigid work-life balance. This flexible approach allows me to accommodate both work and personal pursuits.


5. Fostering Team Unity


Working within a dynamic team means collaborating with diverse individuals. I’ve found immense satisfaction in offering support to my fellow Skie team members. This collaborative spirit not only fosters a strong sense of unity but also propels us forward on our Salesforce journey. Together, we achieve remarkable milestones!

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