Tailoring Your Salesforce Live Chat for Success

Cyril Duvignau
November 23, 2023
3 min read

As a Salesforce consultant, I’ve been exposed to some key aspects to turn the customer experience chat into an organized and efficient experience for both the visitor and the agent. Let’s get straight into it: There are 2 key aspects you need to discuss and brainstorm with the stakeholders:


  1. Routing Strategy:

Omni-Channel is in charge of orchestrating the distribution of the workload between the agents. You can set the routing based on different criteria like Skills, Group, or based on the Visitor profile OR input through the pre-chat windows or via the Einstein Bot.

Additionally, consider implementing proactive engagement. Instead of waiting for visitors to initiate a chat, set up automated triggers that invite visitors to chat based on specific actions or behaviors on your website. This not only improves engagement but also helps capture potential leads.


  1. Branding:

Customizing the style and design to match the branding and audience of the business is an important aspect to build trust and a personalized experience.

Personalization goes beyond branding. Utilize visitor data to personalize the chat experience, such as addressing customers by their names, recommending products or services based on their past interactions, and tailoring responses to their specific needs.

Here’s how you can create a more engaging customer experience:


👥 Know Your Audience:

Understanding your website’s visitors is crucial so that you can create a personalized and efficient experience.


🎨 Design Tips: Personalize your Live Chat

Segment your chat to direct visitors to the right place

Implement chatbots for routing and capturing additional information before connecting to an agent

If your customer support is not time-sensitive, then you can recommend knowledge articles

Customize the branding to the colors of the company


🚀 Continuous Improvement:

Monitor chat effectiveness through data analysis:

Track resolution rates.

By investing in agent training and a comprehensive knowledge base, you can ensure that your agents have the necessary information to provide excellent customer service.

Beyond branding, personalization goes a long way in enhancing the customer experience. Use visitor data to personalize the chat experience, such as addressing customers by their names, recommending products or services based on their past interactions, and tailoring responses to their specific needs.


🔐 Security and Compliance:

Address the importance of data security and compliance in chat interactions, especially if you’re dealing with sensitive customer information. Explain how Salesforce provides tools and features to ensure secure and compliant chats.


💬 Feedback Loop:

Establish a feedback loop with your chat users. Encourage customers to provide feedback on their chat experiences, and use this input to make continuous improvements.


📈 Measuring ROI:

It’s important to measure the return on investment (ROI) of your chat strategy. Explain how to track metrics like conversion rates, lead generation, and cost savings to demonstrate the value of a well-implemented chat system.


By crafting a Live Chat experience that caters to different visitor types, you can enhance engagement and drive better results for your business. It’s only once you have defined the Routing Strategy and the Branding that you can start planning the development of your Chat. From a personal experience, I would encourage you to get started on the new Messaging In-App & Web rather than the “Salesforce Legacy Chat”.


Bonus: Integrating Service GPT Feature like Einstein Replies Recommendations:

By integrating a Service GPT feature like Einstein Replies Recommendations, you would be able to improve the agent and visitor experience. Why?


Being able to prompt pre-made answers made from data learning technologies from your own knowledge articles, it would have a huge and positive impact on the customer experience overall, but also make your agents more productive.

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