Giving Back at Millen Farm

John Clutterbuck
October 13, 2023
2 min read

Our day started a little differently than usual, with the QLD crew meeting up at Millen Farm for a day of volunteering as part of Skie’s commitment to Pledge 1%.  We were greeted by Susanne, the manager of the community garden and our host for the day. We were given a brief history, and a tour of the farm. Discovering we were the first corporate volunteer group at the farm was a special experience. We were lucky to be watching the start of the community initiative, and it was thrilling being shown the community farm at its inception, whilst being told of the aspirations that the community held.

Susanne had the day all planned out for us, with numerous activities available. There was something for everyone. Hardware to be played with, or the beautiful garden to be tended. The commercial garden (the produce helps fund other aspects of the community initiative), was full of seasonal produce. The community garden was still being created and offered heaps of opportunity for our crew to get our hands dirty and help develop the farm’s future. 

We were organised into groups of two or three and split up for the first couple hours of work. Susanne had kindly provided a lovely morning tea, complete with tea, coffee and local fruits. This was a very welcome break as the day at Samford had become HOT! The second session of work offered everyone the chance to change jobs if they wished, before we got back into it.

As we wrapped up, we took one last look at the community farm, and WOW! 

The difference our hard work had made was amazing to see. Whilst the day was hot, and the work hard, I think everyone was ecstatic with our contribution. Following Susannes advice, the Skie volunteers wrapped up at the farm and went to a late lunch at Little Tree Bake and Brewhouse. The food was delicious, with a heavy focus on local produce, the menu accommodating all sorts of dietary requirements. For those not driving, Little Tree also had an amazing selection of local brews, ranging from local beers to regional gins.

Overall, it was a great day out in Samford. The crew had a blast helping the local community whilst getting to know each other – if they didn’t already. Some of the greener thumbed crew even took home some tomato plant cuttings.  

 For anyone interested, we highly recommend organising your own day out on Millen Farm!


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