Women in Tech – International Women’s Day 2024

Adam Troughear
Managing Director
March 8, 2024
3 min read

Today is International Women’s Day 2024. At Skie, we’re proud of the amazing women in our team, however, we acknowledge that our current representation of women, standing at around the tech industry average of 25-30%, falls short of where we believe it should be. The gender gap remains pronounced.

We remain committed to inclusive hiring and bringing diverse thinking and views to our business – but we need to attract more women into the industry. So perhaps it’s best to hear directly from some of the incredible women in our team on what their experience in tech is like. Hopefully we can add to the conversation, raise awareness on what working in tech is like and close the gap.

“I’m surprised it’s only 26% in tech. I think that tech is more progressive than other older industries … it is far more flexible, open to new ideas & different ways of structuring work and achieving work-life balance… that makes it easier for people like me with family commitments to participate and progress. I really appreciate that about the tech industry….”

How about the boys club? Well, it’s true, with the overwhelming majority of people in technology being male, it can certainly feel like walking into a boys club, but Kath Mosbey has shaped different thinking around this!

My journey as a woman in tech has been a wild ride, but honestly, it’s been utterly worth it. When I first dipped my toes into the tech world, it was pretty clear I was venturing into a boys club. But being one of the few women around actually turned out to be a superpower.
It wasn’t always easy having to prove my ideas were just as game-changing or finding my voice in rooms that weren’t used to hearing it from someone like me. But these challenges? They just fuelled the fire.
Every day, I’m inspired and empowered by the strength and wisdom of other incredible women paving the way alongside me. We should all be excited and passionate about continuing to close that gender gap because at the very core of it, it’s about making our industry look more like the real world – diverse, inclusive, vibrant, and unstoppable. – Kathleen Mosbey, Salesforce Consultant

We heard from Gigi in our Philippines team, sharing her thoughts on the ride so far as a woman in technology.

“Being a woman in a male-dominated industry like tech has been a thrilling ride, especially in our field (Salesforce). It’s full of exciting highs and the occasional twist. If I’m being honest, it’s surprising we compose only 26% in tech, but I’d say we’re holding our ground! Though there’s always room for amazing women to join the journey. Being in projects with the lads is great and all because I get to learn from them as well but at the same time there’s something satisfying about smashing the stereotypes and proving you can ride the same waves they do. So huge shoutout to Skie for letting us women thrive and appreciating what we bring to the table!” – Gigi Luna, Salesforce Consultant

I think as an employer trying to attract talent to an indiustry, one of the most insightful, poignant and telling comments came from our Project Manager, Teena Reale, who summed up

“I would say that because tech is more of a younger and less ”conservative” demographic, I have felt more seen, heard and accepted.”

I hope that in itself is enough to motivate the next generation of women and the current generation of career changing women to consider tech.

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Women in Tech – International Women’s Day 2024

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