Dreamforce Day 2

Tanya Anglin
September 14, 2023
2 min read

Day 2 started with an 830am exam in the conference testing area. Perfect opportunity to attempt the AI Associate credential. Lunches during the conference are catered at various venues within the conference,  the menu at Yerba Buena Gardens right in the hub of the Moscone area is featured in the main pic above.

I was extended an invite to attend the Salesforce Days Executive Focus Group Lunch, where we learnt about the next wave that is starting Oct 16, and also shared feedback on our experience from Wave 1 earlier this year (We need more details on the steps required for credentials to count in the metrics, and how exactly are these measured??). They are already planning to simplify so hopefully it’s clearer to all of us for Wave 2.

The next photos are in Moscone North and South buildings, where most of the sponsors and vendors are located. It’s much quieter here than the Trailblazer Forest, with headsets for each session so you can listen easily without the presenters competing to be heard.

Even though I found the Trailblazer Forest loud and overly stimulating, I was still drawn to hang out there. With sessions right next to each other and a bunch of stuff going on, there were headsets to be seen anywhere!! Lots of excited Trailblazers to connect with.  The campfire sessions are side by side and geared more to smaller audiences. There are larger “theatres” off to the side, again no headsets so there is ALOT going on.

Day #2 wrapped up with Dreamfest, and the iconic Foo Fighters treating the crowd to some pretty epic jams.  There was a sneaky concert back on Howard street, the main strip that connects the Moscone buildings, with Demi Levato entertaining the crowd on the main stage.

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